Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

A city as known for its decadence as it is for its poverty. A city of delights and dark desires. A city… of mist.

Mekong Delta Blues follows the case files of the Janus Detective Agency and a band of ordinary people that have awakened to the truth. Hidden inside each and every citizen of Phnom Penh lies unimaginable power, and also a mystery. Because once you get in… you can never seem to leave.

For more information on the amazing game visit their homepage. The game designers have graciously allowed us to use some of their official artwork as well as the amazing soundtrack created for the game. Make sure to check in on them regularly for new adventures.

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Meet the cast...


Played by Ares

As a huge fan of Noir and Urban Fantasy, City of Mist is right up my alley. And being able to use the real-world city of Phnom Penh for Mekong Delta Blues has been an absolute treat. Serving up cool villains, and dynamic double-crosses is all the more satisfying when my players have such a great time being co-storytellers.

Hikari Lawry

Played by Kira858

Hikari had a lot of pressure on his shoulder. Born to Omar Lawry, CEO of Mal Tech, and Rie Tachibana , CEO of Mizuki Electric Technologies, Hikari was groomed to be the next tech icon. But he wasn’t happy, his parents never around, his enjoyment resided less on the drive of success and more on the enjoyment of the new Halo video game. This sparked a stage of depression, and with no light in sight, things looked dire for Hikari, until Gunilla came….

Cynthia Abaya

Played by Glaiza

Long story short, Cynthia Abaya can be described with two words: broke and tired. Longer story is that she’s a Filipina American that ran away from home because of student loans - and she’s working off that debt by penny pinching in Cambodia as a bartender. It seems though that no matter how hard she works - she is unable to leave Phnom Penh. Could it be because there’s just not enough money to go around - or is the cause something more supernatural, like the fact that there’s Mayari, the Filipina Goddess of war and the moon, inside her aching to break out and rule?

Kass Solaris | Kassandra of Troy

played by Brandy Rose

Kass Solaris has led a whirlwind of a life. Growing up in the wealthy upper class circles of Greece tragedy struck when she overheard that her longtime boyfriend, and mob boss, Ambrogio Drivas was carrying out a hit over debt against her family. Burdened by a curse she didn’t yet understand, her warnings were ignored and she fled, the only survivor. Now she finds herself in Pnom Penh, trying to figure out a new life as an insurance adjuster and the new powers she finds herself wielding as Kassandra, Princess of Troy. And because life just can’t stay simple...a certain someone has followed her to Cambodia. Who would have thought her on again off again boyfriend was also a God?

Sun Yaling

Played by Sir Monolith

Fire, guile and compassion are probably the best words to describe this adventurous young Chinese American archeologist. A lifelong seeker of knowledge, Sun found herself naturally gravitating towards a more.. Her talents as a shapeshifter led her into the more unconventional career path following her doctoral work in ancient Chinese culture. She focused more on the acquisition of lost relics that had wandered away from their ancestral homeland, or were being kept hidden by its current regime. A recent trip to follow up on a lead in Myanmar however left her stranded in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Where after several months of battling grueling depression as it seemed her every attempt to vacate the city was stopped by some inexplicable force, Sun found a new lease on life working with a group of likewise challenged individuals at the Janus detective agency, hoping perhaps they could help her escape this purgatory.


played by Dominic Donahue

Dez was from the mountains of Maine. He spent his early life in the military, and became a mercenary shortly after. Dez had been a lot of places. He had fought a lot of battles. He had broke a lot of noses. This changed when his son was born. Bub, as he affectionately called him, changed everything about Dez's life. Both when he was born, and also when he died. He had been working in Phnom Penh as a bouncer and overall tough guy, simultaneously raising Bub. However, things got a bit odd as powers began emerging in Dez. The powers of Abaddon, the archangel of the abyss. A strange door began to manifest just on the edges of his perception. More and more Dez was able to access this door, but more and more of himself was lost in its perception. This lost time would result in a lack of attention, and, tragically, Bub's death. The consequences wore on Dez, and he rejected his awakening powers. He rejected the summons of Abaddon. This was until a gate opened in Phnom Penh, releasing a stream of restless and scattered souls. In exchange for taking up the role as the gatekeeper, and accepting his manifesting powers, and the subsequent responsibilities, he was provided a gift. The hellhound gifted to him by his abilities served as a conduit for Bub's essence to manifest, possibly even fuse. A lot of questions remained about exactly what was happening, but they were questions that Dez was not pressed to answer. He had his Bub back, and he would accept this gift in whatever form it took. Thus, Dez became the warden of the place all the most dangerous and destructive forces resided. But more accurately, he became the proud parent of an all-consuming hell hound whose voracity in devouring the most evil and tained things the universe had to offer was only equaled by just how innocently and playfully he did so.