Blood on the Bayou

New Orleans, Lousiana.

With a new Prince in charge of New Orleans, the coterie that inhabits the infamous Fontaine Murder House finds themselves navigating a new Court with progressive ideas. As they try to help the Prince further her goals, the Second Inquisition has made its arrival within the city, further complicating matters, and making alliances more important. With dreams, ambitions, and secrets floating around, the Coterie finds themselves walking a tight line between achieving their goals and Final Death.

Book 1

Book 2

Meet the cast...

The Storyteller

Played by Ares

Purveyor of this wonderful world of Vampires, Demons and Fauns. Helping my amazing players interact in the fantastic city of New Orleans. Occasionally throwing spooky and dangerous situations at them and feeling terrible when their characters are in pain. But smiling all the way when I leave them in wonder.


Played by Kira858

Alone, Hunted, Paranoid, the life of being a Salubri is among the hardest in kindred society. While most believe they are extinct, the few that know seek them out for their incredibly enriching blood. The road remains incredibly hard for Sora. Who to trust? Who to rely on? These are answers he still has to discover.

Sakura Ami

Played by Cassidy B

Millions know her as an insomnia plagued kawaii-based influencer, but far less know her as a toreador prodigy. Chosen as one of the next generation toreador by her movie star sire, she continues to rack up followers, subscribers, and loyal fans, while still going about her nightly business with her coterie. Easily recognized by her bright pink hair and distinctive style, few recognize her as a loving mother to her adopted childer, Ricky. Those few who do know her as such, know that they better not lay a hand on him unless they're not particularly attached to that hand. Even then, losing a hand would be the least of their issues, because any social relations connected to the owner of that hand would be severed faster than the hand from the arm.

Nicolai Dietrich

played by Alex Huilman

In his time, Nicolai has been and is many things, and even different people. He is an academic seeking truths, a scholar seeking wisdom, a geneticist of questionable ethics, and that is just from the days when he still had a pulse. After being selected and groomed by his Sire, a Pack Priest walking the Path of Caine among the Sabbat, he became a protege in the darkness. But as it would turn out, he does not hold his beliefs blindly and in time came into conflict with the ideals of his Sect - misgivings that could not be reconciled forcing his hand and turning him into a defector and traitor. In time, Nicolai would fashion a new identity for himself in André Bisset who would become known as a member of Clan Ventrue for a time as he settled into life in New Orleans. But secrets have a way of not staying that way, and eventually Nicolai would reveal himself as a Tzimisce on the run that was ready to make a stand.

Quinn Hamish

Played by Michael Champion

It’s not easy being both the lowest tier, and most despised of vampire society, but I suppose ignorance is bliss, and seemed to make un-life for Quinn a little easier adjustment than one might expect. After his jarring transition from family man / D.A.R.P.A research contractor, to confused young vampire wondering why he had nubby fangs and had to drink blood bags like juice boxes. Quinn’s scientific curiosity and lust for revenge have helped drive his growth and keep him alive, and now with the help of his new coterie mates in New Orleans he’s closer than ever to the sweet taste of revenge he’s been craving. But will it be enough? Where will Quinns new un-life take him once the blood debt for his family has been paid by its killer?


played by Glaiza Champion

Nobody remembers Mikaela’s last name. She hardly remembers what it was. She’s always been Mikaela, the librarian. Mikaela, who hangs out at the Fontaine (?) House. Mikaela has been pretending to be something else for so long that she doesn’t even know who she truly is. All she knows is what she is not - A Toreador. Ah, but she is going to carry that secret into the second death. It’s #obvioustoreodor for life.